Pyrogram and Telethon String Session Bot StringBot

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Telegram bot to generate pyrogram and telethon string session.

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Deploy to Heroku


  1. Tap on above button and fill API_ID, API_HASH, BOT_TOKEN (and MUST_JOIN).
  2. Then tap “Deploy App” below it. Wait till deploying is complete (will take atmost 2 minutes).
  3. After deploying is complete, tap on “Manage App”
  4. Check the logs to see if your bot is ready!

Local Deploying

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Get a DATABASE_URL. If you don’t know how, deploy using Heroku Button only or delete database things as it’s not a compulsion.

  3. Edit and fill the needed variables

  4. Enter the directory

    cd StringSessionBot
  5. Run the file


Environment Variables

Mandatory Vars

  • API_ID – Get this from
  • API_HASH – Get this from
  • BOT_TOKEN – Get this from @BotFather
  • DATABASE_URL – Will be automatically added by Heroku.
  • MUST_JOIN – Username/ID of your telegram channel/group.


More features soon if suggested by you ?


That’s on you mainly…

PRs Welcome



Channel :- Rio Project

Group Chat :- Group support


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