Four O’ Four

SMS Based Headless Browsing

Deploy locally

Local setup

After creating a conda/pyenv environment for the project perform the following actions

git clone
cd ConUHacksVI
pip install -r requirements.txt

Open a seperate terminal window and run the following command

ngrok http 4545

Then copy the “Forwarding” https address and replace the ngrok_url variable in with it


Restart the flask server by rerunning the file

Send SMS messages on the following number

+1 (804) 567-8399

Twilio setup

Head to Twilio console and select an actie number – click on it and under “Configure” scroll to the bottom. In “Messaging” replace the “A Message comes in” webhook with the same forwarding URL as your set ngrok_url BUT ALSO APPEND ‘/entry’ to it. Click save and it should look like the image below


Send a text to the activate number and the system should be up and running


In the following table any text starting with ‘$’ is a variable set by the user

Command Description
instagram $USERNAME $PASSWORD Will log in to instagram and return image of the feed
google $SEARCHQUERY Will google search and return image
inspect $URL Will load a webpage and return the endpoints webpage contacts during lifecycle
set $TAG $URL Will save the url in to variable tag. Essentially turning $TAG in to a command that fetches $URL
$URL Will return the webpage
scroll Will scroll down on last page loaded by user (Limited to 3 scrolls per page for demo)


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