Guess the password for Instgram accounts

Tool features :

  • It has two modes:
  • 1- Combo system from you
  • 2- Automatic (random) system with two modes:
  • • 1- You put the target user name and the tool makes passwords and guesses them
  • • 2- The tool generates and guesses random usernames and passwords
  • Uses proxies (http/s)
  • fishing place:
  • • The good in the file
  • • Banned in the file
  • • secure in file
  • Support all devices

install in kali linux :

sudo git clone

cd Brute-Force-instagram

You need to download the requests library if you don’t have it :

pip install requests
  • Then run the tool :


  • Note: Do not forget to put the proxy file in the same folder as the tool, and if you are going to use the combo system, also put the combo file in the same folder

By JOKER | Snapchat 👻 | telegram 🔷 | telegram 2 🔷



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