Build GUIs from python functions using magic.


magicgui uses qtpy to support both pyside2 and pyqt5 backends. However, you
must have one of those installed for magicgui to work.

install with pip

pip install magicgui[pyqt5]
# or
pip install magicgui[pyside2]

or with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge magicgui pyqt  # or pyside2 instead of pyqt

:information_source: If you'd like to help us extend support to a different backend,
please open an issue.

Basic usage

from magicgui import magicgui
from enum import Enum

class Medium(Enum):
    Glass = 1.520
    Oil = 1.515
    Water = 1.333
    Air = 1.0003

# decorate your function with the @magicgui decorator
@magicgui(call_button="calculate", result_widget=True)
def snells_law(aoi=30.0, n1=Medium.Glass, n2=Medium.Water, degrees=True):
    import math

    aoi = math.radians(aoi) if degrees else aoi
        result = math.asin(n1.value * math.sin(aoi) / n2.value)
        return math.degrees(result) if degrees else result
    except ValueError:
        return "Total internal reflection!"

# your function is now capable of showing a GUI


But that's just the beginning! Please see Documentation for many more details
and usage examples.