This project was generated with Python CLI version 3.8.10


Victor Shaviya
Moringa School Core(Python) Student.

Project Description

This project is all about building an amazing application that will help users manage their passwords and even generate new passwords for them.
The user should be able to:

  • Create a password locker account with their details, a login username and password.
  • Store their already existing account credentials in the application.
  • Create new account credentials in the application.
  • Have the option of putting in a password that they want to use for the new credential account.
  • View their various account credentials and their passwords in the application.
  • Delete a credentials account that they no longer need in the application.

Live link to site

The project was deployed to GitHub pages for publication.
To view the project’s live site.

Application Setup Instructions

  • Open Terminal {Ctrl+Alt+T}
  • git clone passwordLocker
  • cd passwordLocker
  • code . or atom . based on the text editor you have.

How to run the application

To run the application, open the cloned file in terminal and run the following commands:

$ chmod +x
$ ./

To run test for the application:

$ python3

Technologies Used

  • python3.8.10

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

License and Copyright Information

MIT License

© Victor Shaviya,
Moringa School Independent Project.


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