Burp Extension: Copy As FFUF

ffuf (https://github.com/ffuf/ffuf) is gaining a lot of traction within the infosec community as a fast portable web fuzzer. It has been compared and aligned (kinda) to Burp's Intruder functionality. Thus, Copy As FFUF is trying to build that interoperatability bridge between the two.


  • [X] Piping the copied request to a request.http file and build a skeleton ffuf command


  • [ ] Extend the functionality with additional right-click menu items, like:

    • [ ] Create a Copy as FFUF submenu
    • [ ] Copy request and use Burp proxy for verification Copy as FFUF skeleton, verify via Burp"
    • [ ] Copy request and use Burp proxy for the attack Copy as FFUF skeleton, proxy via Burp"
  • [ ] Maybe add a simple UI allowing to configure a path to wordlists


  • Python environment / Jython for Burp Suite


  • Check if jython standalone is present in Extender -> Options -> Python Environment
  • Load the extention Extender -> Extensions -> Add -> select path to CopyAsFFUF.py

Hopefully at some point PortSwigger with make it available in the bApp store

Known Issue



  • d3k4z