HealthHacks Website

Made during the first annual M&T Bank’s Meet & Hack in 2022. A website that uses the Django web framework and a
PostgresSQL database to enable user authentication. Front-end built with HTML template files, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Live Demo (Heroku App)

The website is hosted live at Just register an account with a username and a
password, and you can play around with the website.


This project was inspired around making beginner fitness easy to get started. Many sites have a massive amount of
information that leaves its users more confused than informed. With our group being new to web development, we decided
making a beginner-friendly health website would be a new and exciting project to tackle.

What it does

Our website has a User Log in option to save a user’s information such as first name, last name, email, calorie
information and selected fitness plan. In our calorie calculator we take the user’s age, height, weight, gender,
activity level, and goals. Using this information we use the Harris-Benedict formula to calculate a person’s required
calories for their goals. In our Fitness Plan section we ask our user for a number of days they would like to exercise
per week. Based on the number of days selected 1-2 sample workouts are should with a brief description and the user can
save this workout to their profile.