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At least 2x cheaper, up to 30x faster than manual recognition services.


pip install capmonster_python

Supported captcha types

  • Image to text
  • Recaptcha v2
  • Recaptcha v3
  • Fun Captcha
  • HCaptcha

Usage examples


from capmonster_python import ImageToTextTask

capmonster = ImageToTextTask("API_KEY")
task_id = capmonster.create_task(image_path="img.png")
result = capmonster.join_task_result(task_id)

Recaptcha v2

from capmonster_python import RecaptchaV2Task

capmonster = RecaptchaV2Task("API_KEY")
task_id = capmonster.create_task("website_url", "website_key")
result = capmonster.join_task_result(task_id)

For other examples and api documentation please visit wiki

Migration from 1.3.2 to 2.x

v2.x is created for automation and stability.

If you want to use old version: (no longer supported)

pip install capmonster-python==1.3.2

If you want to use new version 2.x:

  • All methods, classes and fields are changed for maximum optimization and continuous automation.
    Check out wiki for usage examples and package api.
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