Cardano SundaeSwap ISO SPOs vote ranking

This Python 3 script uses the database populated by cardano-db-sync from the Cardano blockchain to generate an unofficial ranking of the ISO (Initial Stakepool Offering) stake pool operators vote that occured epoch 302.

You need to use the 12.0.0-pre5 tag of cardano-db-sync to get the exact same results as prior versions miss some rewards.

The script produces a sundae_votes.json JSON dictionary output whose keys are stake addresses and values an array with the following fields:

  • [0]: wallet balance at beginning of epoch 302
  • [1]: vote 1 id
  • [2]: vote 2 id
  • [3]: transaction hash

Votes SPOs ids can be found in the sundae.json file included and imported from SundaeSwap website.


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