Case studies with Bayesian methods

Hierarchical model for spelling performance

A hierarchical model for the spelling data from the study D. Thissen, Steinberg, and Wainer (1993)

average actor rates

Multinomial logistic model for three-class classifition

A multinomial logistic model for the iris dataset (Fisher, 1936)

sepal evaluation

Fourier analysis for time series

A Fourier analysis model for the Mauna Loa CO2 data (the Keeling curve)

keeling curve

Time series modeling with heteroskedastic data

A hierarchical time series model with log-normal likelihood for air polution data in Skopje.

log-normal time-series

Inference with weights on observed data

A simple example using Potential for inference with data with weights

large poisson dataset

Monotone dependency modeling

A simple example using Dirichlet prior for modeling of monotone dependency

monotone dependency

Slow evolving multiplicative factor - Covid-19 Rt model

A model for estimation of the Rt reproductive factor for Covid-19, modeled with Random walks in the log scale.

covid 19 Rt factor
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