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Casefy (/keɪsfaɪ/) is a lightweight Python package to convert the casing of strings. It has no third-party dependencies and supports Unicode.


The latest release can be installed using pip:

pip install -U casefy

Casefy is also available as an Arch Linux AUR package.


Note: for more details, you can check the API Reference.

import casefy

# camelCase
string = casefy.camelcase("foo_bar")
print(string)  # fooBar

string = casefy.camelcase("FooBar")
print(string)  # fooBar

string = casefy.camelcase("FOO BAR")
print(string)  # fooBar

# snake_case
string = casefy.snakecase("fooBar")
print(string)  # foo_bar

string = casefy.snakecase("fooBARbaz", keep_together=["bar"])
print(string)  # foo_bar_baz

string = casefy.snakecase("FOO BAR")
print(string)  # foo_bar

string = casefy.constcase("fooBar")
print(string)  # FOO_BAR

# kebab-case
string = casefy.kebabcase("fooBar")
print(string)  # foo-bar

# separator case
string = casefy.separatorcase("fooBar", separator="/")
print(string)  # foo/bar

string = casefy.separatorcase("fooBARbaz", separator="%", keep_together=["bar"])
print(string)  # foo%bar%baz

# Sentence case
string = casefy.sentencecase("fooBar")
print(string)  # Foo bar


If you find a bug, please open an issue. Pull Requests are also welcome!


This project started when I saw that the package python-stringcase was flagged-out-of-date in the Arch AUR Repository. The project stringcase seems not to be actively maintained anymore, so I decided to address its issues and pull requests and solve them in this new package. I kept the API as similar as possible, in order to facilitate any possible migration. I thank Taka Okunishi (author of stringcase) and its contributors for their work.

Related projects

  • case-conversion offers a very similar functionality as this project. I probably wouldn’t have written this package if I had known of it before. However, the code of Casefy is more lightweight and just enough for most cases. If you need more functionality, e.g., detecting the case of a string, go with case-conversion.

  • Inflection presents some overlap with this project as well, allowing the transformation of strings from CamelCase to underscored_string, but also singularizing and pluralizing English words.


Casefy is distributed under the MIT license.


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