Cornell Biomedical Knowledge Hub (CBKH)

CBKH integrates data from 18 publicly available biomedical databases. The current version of CBKH (Figure 1 and Table 2) contains a total of 2,384,501 entities of 11 types. Specifically, the CBKH includes 23,003 anatomy entities, 19,236 disease entities, 37,997 drug entities, 88,376 gene entities, 2,065,015 molecule entities, 1,361 symptom entities, 4,101 DSI entities, 137,568 DSP entities, 605 TC entities, 2,988 pathway entities and 4,251 side-effect entities. For the relationships in the CBKH (Table 3), there are 86 relation types within 18 kinds of entity pairs, including Anatomy-Gene, Drug-Disease, Drug-Drug, Drug-Gene, Disease-Disease, Disease-Gene, Disease-Symptom, Gene-Gene, DSI-Disease, DSI-Symptom, DSI-Drug, DSI-Anatomy, DSI-DSP, DSI-TC, Disease-Pathway, Drug-Pathway, Gene-Pathway and Drug-Side Effect. In total, CBKH contains 48,194,646 relations.

Materials and Methods

Our ultimate goal was to build a biomedical knowledge graph via comprehensively incorporating biomedical knowledge as much as possible. To this end, we collected and integrated 18 publicly available data sources to curate a comprehensive one. Details of the used data resources were listed in Table.

Statistics of CBKH

Entity Type Number Included Identifiers
Anatomy 23,003 Uberon ID, BTO ID, MeSH ID, Cell Ontology ID
Disease 19,236 Disease Ontology ID, KEGG ID, PharmGKB ID, MeSH ID, OMIM ID
Drug 37,997 DrugBank ID, KEGG ID, PharmGKB ID, MeSH ID
Gene 88,376 HGNC ID, NCBI ID, PharmGKB ID
Molecule 2,065,015 CHEMBL ID, CHEBI ID
Symptom 1,361 MeSH ID
Dietary Supplement Ingredient 4,101 iDISK ID
Dietary Supplement Product 137,568 iDISK ID
Therapeutic Class 605 iDISK ID, UMLS CUI
Pathway 2,988 Reactome ID, KEGG ID, Gene Ontology ID
Side-Effect 4,251 UMLS CUI
Total Entities 2,384,501 -
Relation Type Number
Anatomy-Gene 12,171,021
Drug-Disease 2,717,947
Drug-Drug 2,684,682
Drug-Gene 1,303,747
Disease-Disease 11,072
Disease-Gene 27,538,774
Disease-Symptom 3,357
Gene-Gene 735,156
DSI-Symptom 2,093
DSI-Disease 5,134
DSI-Drug 3,057
DSI-Anatomy 4,334
DSP-DSI 689,297
DSI-TC 5,430
Disease-Pathway 1,941
Drug-Pathway 3,231
Gene-Pathway 152,243
Drug-Side Effect 163,206
Total Relations 48,194,646


The data of CBKG is licensed under the MIT License. The CBKH integrated the data from many resources, and users should consider the licenses for each of them (see the detail in the table).


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