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A manga download script written in python. It only supports for now. But support for other sites is planned.

Before downloading a new chapter, the script always checks if there is already a chapter with the same name in the download directory. If found the chapter is skipped. So you can run the script on a schedule to only download new chapters without any additional setup.

The default behaiviour is to pack the images to a cbz archvie. If you just want the folder with all the pictures use the flag --nocbz.

Currently Supported sites


With GitHub

git clone # clone the repository

cd manga-dlp # go in the directory

pip install -r requirements.txt # install required packages

# on windows
python <options>
# on unix
python3 <options>

With pip (pypi)

(not yet done)

With docker

See the docker README


usage: [-h] [-u URL] [-c CHAPTERS] [-p PATH] [-l LANG] [--read READ] [--list] [--nocbz] [--forcevol] [--wait WAIT]

optional arguments:
-h, --help                          Show this help message and exit
-u URL, --url URL                   URL of the manga
-c CHAPTERS, --chapters CHAPTERS    Chapters to download
-p PATH, --path PATH                Download path. Defaults to "<script_dir>/downloads"
-l LANG, --language LANG            Manga language. Defaults to "en" --> english
--read READ                         Path of file with manga links to download. One per line
--list                              List all available chapters. Defaults to false
--nocbz                             Dont pack it to a cbz archive. Defaults to false
--forcevol                          Force naming of volumes. For mangas where chapters reset each volume
--wait WAIT                         Time to wait for each picture to download in seconds(float). Defaults 0.5
--verbose                           Verbose logging. Defaults to false

Downloads file-structure

└── <download path>/
    └── <manga title>/
        └── <chapter title>/



Read list of links from file

With the option --read you can specify a file with links to multiple mangas. They will be parsed from top to bottom one at a time. Every link will be matched for the right api to use.
It is important that you only have one link per line, otherwise they can’t be parsed.


# mangas.txt

python3 --read mangas.txt --list

This will list all available chapters for link1, link2 and link3.

Set download path

With the option -p/--path you can specify a path to download the chapters to.
The default path is <script_dir>/downloads.
Absolute and relative paths are supported.


python3 <other options> --path /media/mangas

This will save all mangas/chapters in the path /media/mangas/<manga title>/<chapter name>

Contribution / Bugs

For suggestions for improvement, just open a pull request.

If you want to add support for a new site, there is an api template file which you can use.

Otherwise you can open a issue with the name of the site which you want support for. (not guaranteed to be implemented)

If you encounter any bugs, also just open a issue with a description of the problem.


  • Make docker container for easy distribution –> Dockerhub
  • Make pypi package
  • Add more supported sites


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