Project generator and manager for FastAPI.

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  • Creates customizable project boilerplate.

  • Creates customizable app boilerplate.

  • Handles the project structuring for you.

  • Optional Dockerfile generation.

  • Optional docker-compose generation for your project needs.

  • Optional pre-commit hook generation.


  • Prerequisites
    • Python 3.6 +

Manage FastAPI can be installed by running

pip install manage-fastapi 

Getting started

Easiest way to start is using the defaults:

fastapi startproject [name]

But there is an interactive mode!

fastapi startproject [name] --interactive

Command line options

Manage FastAPI provides three different commands.

You can list them with

fastapi --help

The idea is to have a highly customizable CLI, but at the same time a simple interface for new users. You can see the available options for startproject running fastapi startproject --help:

The other commands are already available but the current implementation is too shallow. More details about startapp and run commands will be provided once they have more functionalities, at the moment you can run startapp by just:

fastapi startapp {name}

On the other hand, the run command expects you to have a startproject structure:

fastapi run


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.