Fix Logseq dates

This is a CLI tool to fix the date references following a change in date format since the current version (0.4.4) of Logseq does not support this yet.

I built this because I had a similar issue as reported on the Logseq forum and Discord.


It requires Python 3.6+ to run.


Install using pipx if you have it already. Otherwise you can use pip.

Via pipx (Recommended)

 pipx install git+

Via pip

 pip install git+

How to use

usage: fix-logseq-dates [-h] [-f FORMAT] [-j JOURNALS_DIRECTORY]
                        [-p PAGES_DIRECTORY] [-d GRAPH_DIRECTORY] [--any-date]

CLI tool to fix linked references for Logseq dates.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help             show this help message and exit
  -f FORMAT              date format. (default: MMMM DD, YYYY)
  -j JOURNALS_DIRECTORY  journals folder name. (default: journals)
  -p PAGES_DIRECTORY     pages folder name. (default: pages)
  -d GRAPH_DIRECTORY     absolute path to your local Logseq graph. (default: None)
  --any-date             match any date found not only referenced ones. (default: False)
  1. Backup your Logseq graph (directory/folder that contains your markdown files). A simple copy to another directory is enough.

  2. Run the fix-logseq-dates command against your Logseq graph. See here for supported date format tokens.

    # Example
    fix-logseq-dates -f 'MMMM DD, YYYY' -d ~/path/to/knowledge-graph
    # If you've modified the Journals and/or Pages directories.
    fix-logseq-dates -f 'MMMM DD, YYYY' -d ~/path/to/knowledge-graph -j alt_journals -p alt_pages
    # Match any date strings in the files.
    # Use with caution. It might modifiy unintended dates.
    fix-logseq-dates -f 'MMMM DD, YYYY' -d ~/path/to/knowledge-graph -j alt_journals -p alt_pages --any-date
  3. Open Logseq and re-index your graph.


If you are familiar with git and have some time to spare, you could initialize your Logseq graph as a git repository before running the fix. Then, after the fix, you could use a visual diff tool like to verify your data was modified correctly.

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