A simple CLI tool to get the links of original writeups from

If you paritcipate in CTFs and use ctftime for reading the writeups of tasks you couldn't solve, then you'll understand the pain it is to read a single writeup. If not then go to ctftime and feel the pain smirk

This tool get you all those beautifully written original writeups link so you can easily read them.

Selection of writeups are done on the basis of the rating given to them, if all the writeups have the same rating then the link of the first writeup is selected.


➜ ./lswriteups -h
usage: [-h] (-n NAME | -l LINK)

Easily get those precious writeups

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

required any one of them:
  -n NAME, --name NAME  search for writeups by CTF name
  -l LINK, --link LINK  search for writeups by CTF url

There is a choice, either you can enter the name of the CTF like seccon or P.W.N or you can provide direct link to the task of any CTF like

  • ./lswriteups -n seccon


  • ./lswriteups -l



  • You'll need python3 for this.
  • Clone this repo:
    • git clone
  • Install dependencies:
    • pip install -r requirements.txt

For easy usage you can add the path to the cloned folder in you shells configuration file i.e add the following line to you .bashrc or .zshrc

export PATH=$HOME/lswriteups:$PATH

NOTE: If you have cloned the repo in some other directory then use that path in place of /lswriteups

Known issue

  • This is pretty slow because there are lots of places where a GET requests is send so it will be affected by the speed of your connection.

If you have any suggestion for improving this or if you find any bug then feel free to open an issue.