CLI Torrent Downloader

CLI Torrent Downloader provides convenient and quick way to search torrent

magnet links (and to run associated torrent client) via major torrent sites (ThePirateBay, LimeTorrents, Zooqle, 1337x, GloTorrents, KickAssTorrents, SolidTorrents, BTDB, TGx, Nyaa by default) through command line.



  • Python 3.8+


$ ./


Edit ~/.config/torrentdl/config.json to customize your preferred torrent
client and
browser (default is qbittorent and firefox).


Opening magnet links in your preferred torrent client will not work, of course.


$ docker build . -t tordl

Run JSON RPC Server

$ docker run -p 57000:57000 -it tordl -s


CLI Usage

Run search from command line:

$ tordl debian 8

Exclude search results containing user defined strings:

$ tordl debian ::-8 ::-7 (...)

Show help:

$ tordl -h

Browse Mode Usage

  • ENTER - Run torrent client
  • SPACE - Open torrent info URL in browser
  • ESC - exit
  • / - Search
  • a - Sort by source (torrent search engine)
  • s - Sort by seeds (default)
  • d - Sort by leechers
  • f - Sort by size
  • m - Load more search results (if possible)
  • p - Search engines selection

Browse Mode Search Usage

  • KEY_UP - Move to previous in search history
  • KEY_DOWN - Move to next in search history
  • ENTER - Search
  • ESC - Exit search

Browse Mode Search Engine Selection Usage

  • KEY_UP, KEY_DOWN - Navigate
  • ENTER, SPACE - Check / Uncheck selected search engine
  • ESC - Save and exit engine selection
  • BUTTON_OK - Save and exit engine selection
  • BUTTON_SAVE - Persist selection in config and exit engine selection

Test Mode

Run with -t or --test-search-engines to test if all search engines are
functioning. Consider using --test-all to test all search engines, not only
those set up in config.

API Mode

Run with -a or --api. In this mode, just print the search result in JSON
format to the standard output and exit. Consider using -m or
--fetch-missing-magnet-links in this mode.

RPC Server

Run with -s or --rpc-server to start RPC Server, see config or -hfor
settings details. Consider using -m or --fetch-missing-magnet-links in this
mode. JSON RPC Server follow jsonrpc 2.0 standard. Currently, there is only
one RPC method search which expects array of one argument - the search term.

RPC Client

Run with -q or --rpc-client, see -h for setting connection details.

Iam feeling lucky mode

Directly downloads and opens torrent client with magnet link from first search
result. Run with -d or --download.

JSON Output Format

    "result": [
            "name": "Debian 8 7 1 Jessie x64 x86 64 DVD1 ISO Uzerus",
            "links": [
            "magnet_url": "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:40F90995A1C16A1BF454D09907F57700F3E8BD64...",
            "origins": [
            "seeds": 2,
            "leeches": 0,
            "size": "3.7GB"

Creating own search engine extensions

See ~/.config/torrentdl/ and