Skytrack Interface for GSPro

A Basic Interface connection from Skytrack Launch Monitors to be able to play simulator golf via GSPro

About The Project

An open source project to intergrate Skytrack with GSPro’s open API.

Getting Started

To run this application, your system must have python. The development was done using python=3.8. All packages installed are listed in the provided requirements.txt file.


  • A Skytrack Launch Monitor
  • GSPro game that is licensed for use.



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  • [] Prototype initial project structure
  • [] Simulate single shots to GSPro via Skyrtack Data
  • [] Read data from skytrack connection
  • [] Application UI to allow ‘connect’ and ‘disconnect’ functionality
  • [] Logging enhancment to local file stream.
  • [] Bundle Application to executable.
  • [] Generic implementation to allow extension to additional LM’s.


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