CLIP (Radford et al., 2021) is a multimodal model that can connect images and text by training a vision encoder and a text encoder jointly to project the representation of images and the corresponding text into the same embedding space. The expected outcome is the text embeddings and image embeddings are located near each other.

This repository hosts the code for CLIP-Indonesian, which is a CLIP multimodal model trained on Indonesian data.

For the image encoder, we use VIT, more specifically openai/clip-vit-base-patch32. Meanwhile, for the text encoder, we experimented with two models: IndoBERT Large (indobenchmark/indobert-base-p2) and Indonesian RoBERTa Base (flax-community/indonesian-roberta-base).

Most of the CLIP script is based on HybridCLIP and clip-italian.

Still a work in progress so may not give the best result (yet) ?

clip-indonesian was presented in PyCon ID 2021. You can view the slide deck here.


More details about the dataset used can be found here.


The results of the training can be accessed here.




Bianchi, F., Attanasio, G., Pisoni, R., Terragni, S., Sarti, G., Lakshmi, S. (2021). Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training for the Italian Language arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.08688.

Radford, A., Kim, J.W., Hallacy, C., Ramesh, A., Goh, G., Agarwal, S., Sastry, G., Askell, A., Mishkin, P., Clark, J., Krueger, G., & Sutskever, I. (2021). Learning Transferable Visual Models From Natural Language Supervision. ICML.

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Hybrid CLIP by the HuggingFace team

Indonesian Roberta Base by Wilson Wongso, Steven Limcorn, Samsul Rahmadani, and Chew Kok Wah

Indonesian Translated Datasets by Samsul Rahmadani


All training was done on a TPUv3-8 VM sponsored by TPU Research Cloud.


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