The official code for CMUA-Watermark: A Cross-Model Universal Adversarial Watermark for Combating Deepfakes (AAAI2022) arxiv. It is based on disrupting-deepfakes

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We will release our code soon (no later than December 31, 2021).


CMUA-Watermark is a cross-model universal adversarial watermark that can combat multiple deepfake models while protecting a myriad of facial images. With the proposed perturbation fusion strategies and automatic step size tuning, CMUA-Watermark achieves excellent protection capabilities for facial images against four face modification models (StarGAN, AttGAN, AGGAN, HiSD).

Figure 1. Illustration of our CMUA-Watermark. Once the CMUA-watermark has been generated, we can add it directly to any facial image to generate a protected image that is visually identical to the original image but can distort outputs of deepfake models.

Figure 2. The quantitative results of CMUA-Watermark.



  1. Prepare the Environment

  2. Prepare the Datasets

    • download the CelebA datasets:

      cd stargan
      bash celeba

      make sure your floder (e.g. celeba_data) has img_align_celeba and list_attr_celeba.txt.

    • create the link
      ln -s your_path_to_celeba_data ./data
  3. Prepare the Model Weights

    For your convenient usage, we prepare the weights download link in PKU disk:

    You can first download the weights. Then move the weight files to different floders of different models:

    cd CMUA-Watermark
    # make sure **weights** in this path.
    # If the paths bellow are not exist, please create the path (e.g., mkdir -p ./stargan/stargan_celeba_256/models).
    mv ./weights/stargan/* ./stargan/stargan_celeba_256/models
    mv ./weights/AttentionGAN/* ./AttentionGAN/AttentionGAN_v1_multi/checkpoints/celeba_256_pretrained
    mv ./weights/HiSD/* ./HiSD
    mv ./weights/AttGAN/* ./AttGAN/output/256_shortcut1_inject0_none/checkpoint

    ATTENTION! The copyright of these weight files belongs to their owners. You needs authorization for commerce, please contact to their owners!

  4. Prepare the CMUA-Watermark (only for inference)

    We prepare a CMUA-Watermark for you to test its performance:


# inference in CelebA datasets with 20 images (you can change the test number in

# inference with your own image (one image)
python3 ./demo_input.png # you can change the path with your own image

Training ´╝łattacking multiple deepfake models´╝ë

STEP 1 Search Step Size with TPE ( powered by Microsoft NNI )

If your want to try your onw idea, you may need to modify the nni_config.yaml and search_space.json. These two files are the configs of NNI-based search. Thanks to the NNI, you can obtain the visualized results in your browser.

nnictl create --config ./nni_config.yaml 

STEP 2 Using the Step Sizes to train your onw CMUA-Watermark!

Once you get the best step sizes, you need to modify the default step sizes in setting.json. It must be easy for a smart person like you~

After that,



If you use our code / perturbation, please consider to cite our paper: CMUA-Watermark: A Cross-Model Universal Adversarial Watermark for Combating Deepfakes.

      title={CMUA-Watermark: A Cross-Model Universal Adversarial Watermark for Combating Deepfakes}, 
      author={Hao Huang and Yongtao Wang and Zhaoyu Chen and Yuze Zhang and Yuheng Li and Zhi Tang and Wei Chu and Jingdong Chen and Weisi Lin and Kai-Kuang Ma},


The project is only free for academic research purposes, but needs authorization for commerce. For commerce permission, please contact [email protected].


We use code from StarGAN, GANimation, pix2pixHD, CycleGAN, advertorch, disrupting-deepfakes and nni. These are all great repositories and we encourage you to check them out and cite them in your work.


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