CnCLess it’s an Easy to deploy Botnet without CnC/C2, Harder to track and the easiest to deploy on Linux and Windows with a lot of options.
I’m not responsible of how do you use the botnet

How-to Install

git clone; cd CnCL; pip install -r requirements.txt
Now you have the requirements to execute the code!.

How-to Deploy JSON

Install NGROK.
On command line ngrok authtoken <Your AUTHTOKEN>.
And then, python python -m http.server 8080 on the directory with the configuration file
to continue you can use TMUX to open another tab or just create a tab (This feature is not present on all terminals).
Finally ngrok http 8080 on the new tab.

And now, you have <NGROK URL>/config.json
Remember to put the CONFIG url on the python file.

Modifying JSON

Understand the basic configuration file
windows Have the command to execute on Windows Machines.
linux Have the command to execute on Linux Machines.
config/replay The number of times that the command executes.
config/output The server that will receive the status code and the victim IP address, if it is setted to null, the victim it’s not going to send any data.


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