Code and coordinates for Matt’s 2021 xmas tree

This repository contains the code and coordinates used for Matt’s 2021 Christmas tree, as featured in “My 500-LED xmas tree got into Harvard.”.

coords_2021.csv are the coordinates of Matt’s 2021 tree in GIFT format. The first few entries are identically because they were scanned incorrectly and so were set to the same value as the first ‘correct’ LED.

light_fixer.py is the original source code from the video. It corrects coordinates in ‘pixel space’ but does not convert to GIFT.

Code in the examples folder has been provided by other contributors!

Most of what you need is probably over on the Harvard Graduate School of Design repository: “GSD-6338: Introduction to Computational Design”



You’re welcome to contribute! There are a few different places that your PR could target:

  • Small bug fixes, as well as small changes that significantly increase usability, will be accepted directly in to the original code.

  • The examples folder has been created as a place for any effects contained within a single CSV file. Files should be named based on the effect – fire.csv for example.

  • If you’ve done a bigger bit of work, consider keeping this in your own repository, and opening a PR to update the Further Work section below.

Further Work

Links to larger projects based on this one


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