FastAPI tutorial

Code for my video tutorial FastAPI tutorial

What is FastAPI?

FastAPI is a high-performant REST API framework for Python. It’s built on top of Starlette and it uses Pydantic for data validation. It can generate OpenAPI documentation from your code and also produces a Swagger UI that you can use to test your application.

Check out FastAPI’s GitHub repository and give it a star! Also make sure to check out its excellent documentation online.

Additional resources

  • The link to Swagger UI’s editor.

  • REST APIs are documented with the OpenAPI documentation standard. You can learn more about OpenAPI in its official website.

  • During the video, I make a reference to OpenAPI links. You can learn more about this concept from this segment from my 2021 EuroPython .

  • Check out my 2021 EuroPython presentation to learn more about API testing.


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