We propose Disentangled Audio-Visual System (DAVS) to address arbitrary-subject talking face generation in this work, which aims to synthesize a sequence of face images that correspond to given speech semantics, conditioning on either an unconstrained speech audio or video.



python 2.7

Generating test results

Create the default folder "checkpoints" and put the checkpoint in it or get the CHECKPOINT_PATH
  • Samples for testing can be found in this folder named 0572_0019_0003. This is a pre-processed sample from the Voxceleb Dataset.

  • Run the testing script to generate videos from video:

python  --test_root './0572_0019_0003/video' --test_type 'video' --test_audio_video_length 99 --test_resume_path CHECKPOINT_PATH 
  • Run the testing script to generate videos from audio:
python  --test_root './0572_0019_0003/audio' --test_type 'audio' --test_audio_video_length 99 --test_resume_path CHECKPOINT_PATH 

Sample Results

  • Talking Effect on Human Characters

  • Talking Effect on Non-human Characters (Trained on Human Faces Only)

Create more samples

  • The face detection tool used in the demo videos can be found at RSA. It will return a Matfile with 5 key point locations in a row for each image. Other face alignment methods are also appliable such as dlib. The key points for face alignement we used are the two for the center of the eyes and the average point of the corners of the mouth. With each image's PATH and the face POINTS, you can find our way of face alignment at preprocess/

  • Our preprocessing of the audio files is the same and borrowed from the matlab code of SyncNet. Then we save the mfcc features into bin files.

Training code

  • Training code is preparing and will be released later.

Postprocessing Details (Optional)

  • The directly generated results may suffer from a "zoom-in-and-out" condition which we assume is caused by our alignment of the training set. We solve the unstable problem using Subspace Video Stabilization in the demos.

License and Citation

The use of this software is RESTRICTED to non-commercial research and educational purposes.

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