Code for the AI lab course 2021/2022 of the University of Verona

Set-Up the environment for the curse

  1. Download Anaconda for your System.

  2. Install Anaconda

    • On Linux/Mac
      • Use sh Anacaonda{version}.sh to install.
      • Add it to the PATH during installation if you’re ok with it:
        • First export PATH=~/anaconda3/bin:$PATH
        • Then source ~/.bashrc
      • sudo apt-get install git (may be required).
    • On Windows
      • Double click the installer to launch.
      • NB: during the installation, ensure to install “Anaconda Prompt” and use it for the other steps.
  3. Set-Up conda environment:

Using the Notebook

To start the environment and work on your assignments, navigate to the downloaded folder root (AI-Lab) and run:

source ~/anaconda3/etc/profile.d/ (may be required on linux).
conda activate ai-lab
jupyter notebook

The last command will open your browser for you to start working. To open the tutorial navigate with your browser to the current lesson notebook (Lesson_*/lesson_*_problem.ipynb).



Environments are based on OpenAI Gym:


GitHub - d-corsi/AI-Lab at
Code for the AI lab course 2021/2022 - University of Verona - GitHub - d-corsi/AI-Lab at