In this repo we have replicated the paper CodeBERT: A Pre-Trained Model for Programming and Natural Languages.
We are interested in evaluating CodeBERT specifically in Natural language code search. Given a natural language as the input, the objective of code search is to find the most semantically related code from a collection of codes.

This code was implemented on a 64-bit Windows system with 8 GB ram and GeForce GTX 1650 4GB graphics card.

Due to limited compuational power, we have trained and evaluated the model on a smaller data compared to the original data.

Language Training data size Validation data size Test data size for batch_0
Original Our Original Our Original Our
Ruby 97580 500 4417 100 1000000 20000
Go 635653 500 28483 100 1000000 20000
PHP 1047404 500 52029 100 1000000 20000
Python 824342 500 46213 100 1000000 20000
Java 908886 500 30655 100 1000000 20000
Javascript 247773 500 16505 100 1000000 20000

Compared to the code in original repo, code in this repo can be implemented directly in Windows system without any hindrance. We have already provided a subset of pre-processed data for batch_0 (shown in table under Testing data size) in ./data/codesearch/test/

Fine tuning pretrained model CodeBERT on individual languages

lang = go
cd CodeBERT-Implementation
! python --model_type roberta --task_name codesearch --do_train --do_eval --eval_all_checkpoints --train_file train_short.txt --dev_file valid_short.txt --max_seq_length 50 --per_gpu_train_batch_size 8 --per_gpu_eval_batch_size 8 --learning_rate 1e-5 --num_train_epochs 1 --gradient_accumulation_steps 1 --overwrite_output_dir --data_dir CodeBERT-Implementation/data/codesearch/train_valid/$lang/ --output_dir ./models/$lang/ --model_name_or_path microsoft/codebert-base

Inference and Evaluation

lang = go
idx = 0
! python --model_type roberta --model_name_or_path microsoft/codebert-base --task_name codesearch --do_predict --output_dir CodeBERT-Implementation/data/models/$lang --data_dir CodeBERT-Implementation/data/codesearch/test/$lang/ --max_seq_length 50 --per_gpu_train_batch_size 8 --per_gpu_eval_batch_size 8 --learning_rate 1e-5 --num_train_epochs 1 --test_file batch_short_${idx}.txt --pred_model_dir ./models/ruby/checkpoint-best/ --test_result_dir ./results/$lang/${idx}_batch_result.txt

! python

The Mean Evaluation Rank (MER), the evaluation mteric, for the subset of data is given as follows:

Language MER
Ruby 0.0037
Go 0.0034
PHP 0.0044
Python 0.0052
Java 0.0033
Java script 0.0054

The accuracy is way less than what is reported in the paper. However, the purpose of this repo is to provide the user, ready to implement data of CodeBERT without any heavy downloads. We have also included the prediction results in this repo corresponding to the test data.


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