Codeforces Test Parser for C/C++ on Windows


  • Run pip install beautifulsoup4 requests psutil in your terminal.
  • Clone this repository!
  • Change workspace_folder in to the folder where your source files are located.
  • Please make some changes in to make it suitable for your folder structure. Below is mine.

Folder structure

    |   ...
    |   1620A.cpp
    |   1620B.cpp
    |   ...
    |      |---[contest_id] # e.g. 1620
    |           |---A
    |               |   input0.txt
    |               |   output0.txt
    |               |   ...
    |           |---B
    |           |---...


  • Use .\parse [contest_id] [problem_id1] [problem_id2] ... to download sample test cases.
    For example: .\parse 1620 A B C D E to download problem A, B, C, D, and E from Educational Codeforces Round 119 (contest id is 1620).

  • Use .\run [problem_id] to run sample test cases (only one problem at a time).
    For example: .\run A for testing problem A.

  • In case your default application for .py files is not Python, e.g. PyCharm, VSCode, etc. Please use python instead of .\parse and python instead of .\run.

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