Created by TheRider#5308 [feel free to drop by to talk].

Note to some Dank Memer staff reading this: Nah I don’t self bot, already got banned for that.

Anyone else who uses this should know the risk, and hence use it within limits. You likely won’t get banned, but on the off chance that you do, I hold no responsiblity.

git clone
  1. Change the IDs in the deposit list in file to the id of the account u want to transfer to, recommended since you wouldnt wanna lose ur coins if you ever get banned.
  2. Change the headers to headers of your account[s] in helpers/ file, remove unnecessary code if you want, your choice.
  3. Finally go to helpers/ file and change the items of channels list to the IDs of channels you want to send the commands in.
  4. Probably host the script on replit and ping it with uptimerobot to keep it running forever, I already do basic settings for that, but again, feel free to remove it if you don’t want.

Probably join my server if you need any help, link is in my file on my profile.


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