This repository contains the implementation code for paper:

Collaborative Semantic Aggregation and Calibration for Separated Domain Generalization

Junkun Yuan, Xu Ma, Defang Chen, Kun Kuang, Fei Wu, Lanfen Lin

arXiv preprint, 2021


Brief Abstract for the Paper

The existing domain generalization (DG) methods usually
exploit the fusion of shared multi-source data for capturing domain invariance and training a generalizable model, which raises a dilemma between the generalization learning with shared multi-source data and the privacy protection of real-world sensitive data.

We introduce a separated domain generalization task with separated source datasets that can only be accessed locally for data privacy protection.

We propose a novel solution called Collaborative Semantic Aggregation and Calibration (CSAC) to enable this challenging task via local semantic acquisition, data-free semantic aggregation, and cross-layer semantic calibration.


You may need to build suitable Python environment by installing the following packages (Anaconda is recommended).

  • python 3.8
  • pytorch 1.8.1 (with cuda 11.3)
  • torchvision 0.9.1
  • tensorboardx 2.4
  • numpy 1.21
  • qpsolvers 1.7


  • GPU with VRAM > 11GB (strictly).
  • Memory > 8GB.

Data Preparation

We list the adopted datasets in the following.

Datasets Download link
PACS [1] https://dali-dl.github.io/project_iccv2017.html
VLCS [2] http://www.mediafire.com/file/7yv132lgn1v267r/vlcs.tar.gz/file

Please note:

  • Our dataset split follows previous works like RSC (Code) [3].
  • Although these datasets are open-sourced, you may need to have permission to use the datasets under the datasets’ license.
  • If you’re a dataset owner and do not want your dataset to be included here, please get in touch with us via a GitHub issue. Thanks!


  1. Prepare the datasets.
  2. Update root_dir in configs/datasets/dg/pacs.yaml/ and configs/datasets/dg/vlcs.yaml/ with the paths of PACS and VLCS datasets, respectively.
  3. Run the code with command:
nohup sh run.sh > run.txt 2>&1 &
  1. Check results in logs/(dataset)_(network)/(target domain)/(time)/logs.txt .


If you find our code or idea useful for your research, please consider citing our work.

  title={Collaborative Semantic Aggregation and Calibration for Separated Domain Generalization},
  author={Yuan, Junkun and Ma, Xu and Chen, Defang and Kuang, Kun and Wu, Fei and Lin, Lanfen},
  journal={arXiv e-prints},


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through email ([email protected] or [email protected]) or GitHub issues. Thanks!


[1] Li, Da, et al. “Deeper, broader and artier domain generalization.” Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on computer vision. 2017.

[2] Fang, Chen, Ye Xu, and Daniel N. Rockmore. “Unbiased metric learning: On the utilization of multiple datasets and web images for softening bias.” Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision. 2013.

[3] Huang, Zeyi, et al. “Self-challenging improves cross-domain generalization.” Computer Vision–ECCV 2020: 16th European Conference, Glasgow, UK, August 23–28, 2020, Proceedings, Part II 16. Springer International Publishing, 2020.


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