Collection of data visualizing projects through Tableau, Data Wrapper, and Power BI


Python(Pandas, NumPy, Re, Matplotlib), Data Visualization(Data Wrapper)

Selected as a part of competitive UC Berkeley Data Discovery Research Programs, “Indigenous Brands & Social Movements”

  • Cleaned datasets of trademarks owned by Native American Tribes through eliminating unnecessary columns, filling NAs with 0 other values
  • Based on the cleaned datasets, visualized locations of the trademarks on maps through usage of data visualization tool called DataWrapper

Research Program Description

Have you noticed how many brands in the marketplace use indigenous/Native American – oriented terms and imagery? From the notorious Washington Team to the logo on Land of Lakes butter, indigenous imagery and appropriation is everywhere, and worthy of serious study and data analysis. This project aims to bring the work of social movements and activism to a data-intensive study of First Nations brands and trademarks in order to chart a path forward. In this project, we will study how many of these terms are owned by native vs. non-native entities, study how these brands have changed over time, and how the law might be better deployed to protect ownership of indigenously oriented trademarks, and encourage retiring marks that are considered offensive or appropriative.

  • University of California, Berkeley / Data Discovery Research Program Project

Visualization of Homeless in the States using Tableau

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 9 07 04 PM

  • Dataset of statistics of homeless from Kaggle and Github

  • This dashboard answers the followings:

    • Which state has the most number of homeless?
    • Is there a difference of the number of homeless between 2012 and 2013?
    • In what state and how many of homeless people of each type(Unsheltered, families, veterans, unaccompanied children, and chronic) are there?
  • This dashboard is composed of the followings:

    • Bubbles of the number of homeless by the States
    • Map of the United States by the number of homeless
    • Stacked bar of the number of homeless for each type with selected State
    • Side-by-Side bar chart of the number of homeless in 2012 and 2013
  • Individual Project by Jinwoo(Roy) Yoon

Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 3 47 12 PM

  • Sample dataset (From Power BI) of a company’s sales of products with various countries and dates
  • This dashboard answers the followings:
    • Which month/year was the most profitable?
    • In which country was the most profitable?
    • Which segment should the company invest more?
  • This dashboard is composed of the followings:
    • Map of the North America and Europe showing the amount of sales
    • Graph of profit from sales by months
    • Bar chart of sales by products/segments
  • Individual Project by Jinwoo(Roy) Yoon


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