Multi-View Clustering Papers

Collections for the lasted paper about multi-view clustering methods (papers, codes). There also exists some repositories related to Multi-View Clustering Paper. Such as awesome-multi-view-clustering. The difference is that this repository is a list of papers and just a little analysis on them. Hope that receive your ‘PR bombs’.

Besides, the directory ‘data loader’ is a simple coda base that is used to construct multi-view dataset object. Glad to receive your advice to improve it.

Note: some paper is not about Multi-View clustering but is related to Multi-View learning. I think it may be helpful for new ideas about Multi-View Clustering tasks.

Todo list

  • link of code
  • more deeper analysis
  • More related paper
  • The introduction of each data set
  • The properties of each data set
  • More related data

So many exciting work to do. We are glad to receive your pull request and contribution.

Survey papers

  1. [IEEE 2021] A Survey on Multiview Clustering Paper
  2. [KBS 2019] A study of graph-based system for multi-view clustering Paper code
  3. [IEEE 2018] Multi-view clustering: A survey Paper
  4. [arXiv 2013] A survey on multi-view learning Paper


  • [IJCAI 2019] Deep Adversarial Multi-view Clustering Network Paper
  • [IEEE 2018] Partial Multi-view Clustering via Consistent GAN Paper
  • [ ] Megan: A generative adversarial network for multi-view network embedding Paper
  • [TMM 2021] Consensus Graph Learning for Multi-view Clustering Paper
  • [IJCAI 2019] Deep Adversarial Multi-view Clustering Network Paper
  • [ICDE 2020] A Novel Approach to Learning Consensus and Complementary Information for Multi-View Data Clustering Paper
  • [ICML 2019] COMIC: Multi-view Clustering Without Parameter Selection Paper
  • [IEEE 2021] Dual Alignment Self-Supervised Incomplete Multi-View Subspace Clustering Network Paper
  • [CVPR 2020] End-to-End Adversarial-Attention Network for Multi-Modal Clustering Paper
  • [AAAI 2021] Fast Multi-view Discrete Clustering with Anchor Graphs Paper
  • [IJCAI 2019] Flexible Multi-View Representation Learning for Subspace Clustering Paper
  • [IJCAI 2019] Multi-View Attribute Graph Convolution Networks for Clustering Paper
  • [arXiv 2021] Multi-view Clustering via Deep Matrix Factorization and Partition Alignment Paper
  • [IJCAI 2019] Multi-view Clustering via Late Fusion Alignment Maximization Paper
  • [AAAI 2021] Multi-View Representation Learning with Manifold Smoothness Paper
  • [IJCAI 2019] Multi-view Spectral Clustering Network Paper
  • [arXiv 2021] Non-Linear Fusion for Self-Paced Multi-View Clustering Paper
  • [ICML 2021] One Pass Late Fusion Multi-view Clustering Paper
  • [ICCV 2021] One-pass Multi-view Clustering for Large-scale Data Paper

Incomplete Multi-View Clustering

  • [TPAMI 2021] Deep Partial Multi-View Learning Paper
  • [CVPR 2021] COMPLETER: Incomplete Multi-view Clustering via Contrastive Prediction Paper
  • [CVPR 2021] Reconsidering Representation Alignment for Multi-view Clustering Paper
  • [AAAI 2021] Unified Tensor Framework for Incomplete Multi-view Clustering and Missing-view Inferring Paper
  • [IJCAI 2019] Adversarial Incomplete Multi-view Clustering Paper
  • [ICDM 2020] Deep Incomplete Multi-View Multiple Clustering Papers
  • [IJCAI 2019] Simultaneous Representation Learning and Clustering for Incomplete Multi-view Data Paper

Multi-View Representation Learning

  • [AAAI 2021] Multi-View Information-Bottleneck Representation Learning Paper
  • [AAAI 2021] Uncertainty-Aware Multi-View Representation Learning Paper

Outlier Detection

  • [AAAI 2021] Neighborhood Consensus Networks for Unsupervised Multi-view Outlier Detection Paper

Others: may be related

  • [CVPR 2020] Multi-view Self-Constructing Graph Convolutional Networks with Adaptive Class Weighting Loss for Semantic Segmentation Paper
  • [ICML 2021] Decomposed Mutual Information Estimation for Contrastive Representation Learning Paper
  • [NeurIPS] What Makes Multi-modal Learning Better than Single (Provably) Paper
  • [NeurIPS 2020] Removing Bias in Multi-modal Classifiers: Regularization by Maximizing Functional Entropies Paper
  • [ICML 2020] Representation Learning via Adversarially-Contrastive Optimal Transport Paper
  • [CVPR 2020] What Makes Training Multi-modal Classification Networks Hard? Paper
  • [TKDE 2021] Cross-view Locality Preserved Diversity and Consensus Learning for Multi-view Unsupervised Feature Selection Paper

Data Set

Some data is so big that we can not upload to Github. But you can get them by Baidu Service. link codeļ¼šg9zv

Data set Samples Views Clusters Location
Handwritten 2000 6 10 Get
Caltech-7 1474 6 7 Get
Caltech-20 2386 6 20 Get
BBCsport 116 4 5 Get
Scene-15 4485 2 15 Get
LandUse-21 2100 2 21 Get
Mnist 2 10 Get
NUSWIDEOBJ 26315 5 31 Baidu Cloud
MSRCV1 210 6 7 TBD
Reuters 18758 5 6 get/src
Noisy MNIST 2 10
Webkb 1051 2 2 Get
ORL 400 3 40 Get
Youtube 101499 31 ref
Animal 10158 2 50
SUNRGBD3 10335 2 45
AwA 30475 6 50 ref


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