Command line animations based on the state of the system for Linux or Windows 10

The ascii animations were created using a modified version of Joedang’s converter



  • Python 2 or 3
  • psutil
  • Bash or Fish

Windows 10

  • Python 3
  • psutil
  • pythonnet | (Optional)
  • OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll | Note: OpenHardwareMonitor REQUIRES Administrator Access (Optional)
  • Powershell

Workflow for getting the ascii frames

Manual Method

Termimum Method

  • Download modified Termimation
  • Locate gif you want to convert to ascii frames named
  • Run -> ./termimation ./

Adding Animations

  • Create ascii frames using above workflow or
  • Move ascii frames named 0-N to ./assets/frames/
  • Add conditional in state_update() in lib.threading that sets state = emotions[""].id


Configurable Parameters in ./conf/

  • frames_path | This is the path of the frames folder where individual folders for each emotion is kept (Default “./assets/frames/”)
  • state | This is the starting state of the program (Default 0)
  • welcome_time | Time (sec) for welcome message (Default 1)
  • frame_time | The time before printing next frame (Default 0.2)
  • util_refresh | Time inbetween utilization stat refreshes (Default 5)
  • cpu_lvl_1 | Boundary for low CPU usage (Default 10)
  • cpu_lvl_2 | Boundary for medium CPU usage (Default 30)
  • cpu_lvl_3 | Boundary for high CPU usage (Default 90)
  • cpu_temp_lvl_1 | Boundary for high CPU temperature (Default 80)
  • cpu_temp_lvl_2 | Boundary for very high CPU temperature (Default 90)
  • cpu_temp_lvl_3 | Boundary for CPU throttling temperature (Default 105)
  • cpu_temp_sensor | Sensor to pull CPU Temps from (Default “coretemp”)
  • cpu_temp_sensor_win32 | Sensor to pull CPU temps in win32 from (Default “CPU Package”)
  • cpu_temp_default | Default fallback CPU temperature (Default 0)
  • mem_bound | Boundary for high memory usage (Default 50)

Use file for cleaning undesired characters from the ascii frames


shutdown(signum, frame):

The shutdown function handles clean shutdown of the program with “Shutting down…” printout.


The main function deals with signal handling and starts both state update and emote threads.



The state update thread is a daemon that queries system stats through psutil and updates global state.


The emote thread is a daemon that runs the correct animation based on state continuously.


class Animation:

The Animation class has the properties name, id, file_path, and frames. It will fill frames list upon initialization using input file_path and name.



This function initializes OpenHardwareMonitor by loading OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll and returning the handle.


This function returns cpu package temperature from OpenHardwareMonitor.