Command-line clone of Josh Wardle’s WORDLE, inspired by Paul Battley’s Ruby version. Features:

  • play against random solutions, or against the once-a-day “official” Wordle solution (with --today)
  • official dictionaries of solutions and valid guesses
  • spoiler-free emoji summaries for sharing

Screenshot of a Wordle CLI game

Download and run (./

Requires Python 3.6 or later, and a terminal which supports colours and ANSI CSI codes, e.g. Windows Terminal.

To get the code:

git clone && cd wordle-cli

alternatively, if you don’t have git: click Code > Download ZIP on GitHub, extract the ZIP, open a terminal and cd to the extracted folder.

To run on Linux or WSL:


To run on Windows in Windows Terminal or PowerShell:


The Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) is not supported.

Not tested on macOS, but should work — let me know if any problems!


Usage: ./ [-h|--help|--today|SOLUTION]

Argument Behaviour
none Use a random solution from the official Wordle dictionary
-h , --help Print this help text and quit
--today Use today’s official Wordle solution
SOLUTION Use a given SOLUTION (probably only useful for debugging)

Config file

To tweak the terminal colours and other variables, copy config.ini.defaults to config.ini and uncomment and edit the relevant lines. Colours are specified using ECMA-48 Select Graphic Rendition codes (cheat sheet).


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