Command line tool based on youtube-dl to easily download selected channels from your subscriptions.


This tool is very handy if you want to hoard a lot of videos, but not all of them.


  1. Clone repo & install dependencies:
git clone
cd youtube-cdl
pip install -r requirements.txt
# If on windows instead run
# pip install -r windows.txt
  1. Create or select a project in the API Console.
    Complete the following tasks in the API Console for your project:

    1. In the library panel,
      search for the YouTube Data API v3. Click into the listing for that API and make
      sure the API is enabled for your project.

    2. In the credentials panel, create an OAuth client ID.

      This will need you to configure your consent screen:

      • Only "App name", "User support email" and "Developer contact email" fields are required.
      • On "Test users" step add yourself (your email address).

      After you've set up your consent screen go back to the "Credentials" tab
      and create OAuth Client ID credentials.

      Set the application type to Desktop App.

      Download the JSON file that contains your OAuth 2.0 credentials. The file
      has a name like client_secret_CLIENTID.json, where CLIENTID is the client ID
      for your project.

  2. Rename the downloaded file to client_secrets.json and put it in the project root.

  3. Run the script:



  • Run the script and go through your subscriptions one by one:
python -f 'bestaudio/best'
  • Download all the videos from all channels you're subscribed to:
python -a
  • Download into a specified directory:
python -o path/to/dir

When you go through all of your subscriptions and mark all of them as y/n your selections
will be saved in download_list.json.

If for some reason you stopped the script, you can
continue downloading without going through all of your subscriptions again by running
python -i download_list.json.

Or if you made a mistake while going through the channels you can just edit download_list.json
and rerun with it passed as an argument.