Saavn-cli – Command-Line Music Downloader

Search, Download and Play your favorite songs right away from the command-line. High-Quality MP3 Files upto 320kbps bitrate with Metadata.


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Developer : @wiz64 Status : In Development Version : v 0.0.1 Last Updated : May 2022 Based on : Saavn Unofficial API By @sumitkolhe

Features –

  • A large library of songs
  • Search and Download songs directly from the command Line
  • Upto 320kbps MP3 files with Metadata



saavn-cli search Arijit Singh

This will query the API for “Arijit Singh” and then display the results as a list. You can select from the list for the song to download.

Windows users run python saavn-cli. Due to a VSCode bug, you may need to add python prefix before commands, if VSCode is installed.

How it works ?

When a user runs the script to search or download songs, The script requests download links, album art, album details, etc from the unofficial API. It downloads the raw files and then compiles them using ffmpeg.



  • ffmpeg
  • Python

    Py Modules


  1. Install FFMPEG & Python To check if ffmpeg is properly installed, run ffmpeg -version Download ffmpeg Windows users can copy ffmpeg.exe to C:\Windows\System32

  2. Python Download from run command (you can use cmd/git-bash on windows) pip install requests

  3. Download saavn-cli file chmod +x saavn-cli make it executable test by running ./saavn-cli (optional) save to any $PATH directory for direct global access LINUX : /usr/bin/ Windows : C:\Windows\System32\ Check RELEASES or clone this repository

Argument Parsing

Example Command :

saavn-cli search:160 Imagine Dragons
  • Here saavn-cli is argv[0], the script entry point
  • search:160 is argv[1], action and bitrate option, seperated by : colon as ACTION:BITRATE.
  • Action is Necessary but Bitrate is optional, 320 by default.
  • Imagine Dragons – Rest Arguments are “terms” used to query the API in search action or Links/IDs seperated by spacing in download mode



To search songs avialable on Saavn and download MP3 to current directory. Syntax : saavn-cli <s/search> <query> Argument : s or search Bitrate can be added optionally. Example:

saavn-cli s:160 DJ Snake

Multi Link Downloading (upcoming)

From saavn song links or IDs :

Syntax : saavn-cli download LINK1 LINK2 ID1 ID2 Argument : d or download Bitrate can be added optionally. Supports Multiple Links/IDs Example :

saavn-cli download ID1 ID2

Bitrate Settings

(Optional) To specify bitrate, pass the desired bitrate to right of : after action. Supported Values : 320 (default), 160, 96, 48, 12 Example:

saavn-cli search:96 Magneta Riddim

Todo –

  • fixing ‘htmlspecialchars’ bug
  • adding multi-download support


I dedicate this project to a special one. Any guess who are they ?

Anyone is free to contribute to this project, fixing bugs, optimising code, improving documentation, testing, feedback, etc. PLEASE NOTE – saavn-cli file is just a duplitcate of Please change code of file instead.


Copyright © 2022 wiz64

The source code of this tool has been licensed under MIT License Read the LICENSE File for more info.

Copyright Disclaimer

I am not responsible for anything related to Third-Party copyright holders, This script comes with absolutely no warranties and works similar to youtube-dl. Kindly use at your own risk. We do not host the Music files on our servers or accounts.


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