Mdformat is an opinionated Markdown formatter that can be used to enforce a consistent style in Markdown files. Mdformat is a Unix-style command-line tool as well as a Python library.


Install with CommonMark support:

pip install mdformat

Alternatively install with GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) support:

pip install mdformat-gfm

Or with Markedly Structured Text (MyST) support:

pip install mdformat-myst

Command line usage

Format files

Format files and in place


Format .md files in current working directory recursively

mdformat .

Read Markdown from standard input until EOF.
Write formatted Markdown to standard output.

mdformat -

Check formatting

mdformat --check

This will not apply any changes to the files.
If a file is not properly formatted, the exit code will be non-zero.


[email protected]:~$ mdformat --help
usage: mdformat [-h] [--check] [--version] [--number]
                [--wrap {keep,no,INTEGER}]
                [paths [paths ...]]

CommonMark compliant Markdown formatter

positional arguments:
  paths                 files to format

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --check               do not apply changes to files
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --number              apply consecutive numbering to ordered lists
  --wrap {keep,no,INTEGER}
                        paragraph word wrap mode (default: keep)