A tool to help calculate the tax liability of staking rewards on Tendermint chains.

Specifically, this tool calculates the fair market value (FMV) of staking
rewards at time of receipt – that is, the time that you claimed the reward. It
does the same for other inflows and outflows of tokens, like sending tokens to a


This software might not work

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. This is experimental software. No one else has looked at it yet. Use at your own risk.

And even if it does work…

This a tool I use to help my CPA.
This is not tax advice. I am not a CPA.
Use at your own risk.
You have been warned.


# clone this repo
git clone [email protected]:elsehow/tendermint-tax
cd tendermint-tax
# create a python virtual machine
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
# install the dependences
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


This command will get the FMV at time of reciept for
the address juno175q6smvgnuec5e62rs4chnu5cs8d98q2xgf4rx
for financial year Jan 1, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021, saving the resulting file as juno.csv:

# make sure virtual machine is active
source venv/bin/activate
# run tendermint-tax
python3 tendermint-tax.py --rpc  https://rpc-juno.itastakers.com --address juno175q6smvgnuec5e62rs4chnu5cs8d98q2xgf4rx --ticker JUNO --fystart "2021-01-01" --fyend "2021-12-31" --outfile "juno.csv" -v

See detailed help on all arguments with python3 tendermint-tax.py --help.

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