ConferencingSpeech 2022 challenge

This repository contains the datasets list and scripts required for the ConferencingSpeech 2022 challenge. For more details about the challenge, please see our website.


  • baseline, this folder contains baseline system include inference model exported by inference scripts;
  • eval, this folder contains evaluation scripts to calculate PLCC, RMSE and SRCC;
  • data-sets, this folder contains training and development test data-sets provied to the participant;
    • Tencent Corpus, this dataset includes about 14,000 speech chinese speech clips with simulated (e.g. codecs, packet-loss, background noise) and live conditions.
    • NISQA Corpus, the NISQA Corpus includes more than 14,000 speech samples with simulated (e.g. codecs, packet-loss, background noise) and live (e.g. mobile phone, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp) conditions.
    • IU Bloomington Corpus, there are 10,000 speech signals extracted from COSINE and VOiCESdatasets, each truncated between 3 to 6 seconds long.
    • PSTN Corpus, there are about 80,000 speech clips through classic public switched telephone networks, each truncated 10 seconds long.


To install requirements install Anaconda and then use:

conda env create -f envs.yml

This will create a new environment with the name “conferencingSpeech”. Activate this environment to go on:

conda activate conferencingSpeech

Code license

Apache 2.0


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