Nintendo Switch Online Rich Presence

Display your Nintendo Switch game status on Discord!

This README will be split into two sections:

This project runs using the Nintendo Switch Online Mobile App API. I’d like to thank the NintendoSwitchRESTAPI developer(s) for very useful blueprint designs. And especially, I’d like to thank frozenpandaman and his s2s API Also, blackgear‘s NSOnline_API was integral to my understanding of session_token authentication.

Quickstart Guide

Download the app from the latest release and run! Once ran, the app will ask for you to log into your Nintendo account on a web browser. There is no malicious code with intent to steal your information, but it’s best to review the code for yourself.

  1. Open Discord first, then NSO-RPC

  2. Log in to your Nintendo account when prompted

  3. Right click on ‘Select this account’ and press ‘Copy Link’


  1. Paste the link in the pop-up’s form and click ‘Log In’

  2. Control your rich presence from the system tray icon



Q: Do you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to use this app? A: No, you do not. This app works whether or not you have access to online services. You will, however, need to link your Nintendo account to your user profile on your Switch.

Q: My computer says that this app might have a virus! Does it? A: No. Your computer is saying that because it’s a foreign executable file downloaded from the internet, so you should always be cautious about it. If you’d like, you can build your own exe.

Q: You’re not stealing my account, are you? A: Not me, personally. You’ll have to ask frozenpandaman (s2s) and @NexusMine (flapg).

In-depth guide


For Windows, run

cd client
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt pyinstaller
pyinstaller --onefile --clean --noconsole --add-data "icon.png;." --icon=icon.ico
start dist

For MacOS, run

cd client
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt py2app
py2applet --make-setup icon.icns "icon.png"
python3 py2app
open dist


To be continued…


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