Console 2D GameEngine {C2DGE} [0.1.0]

By Grosse pastèque#6705

The Project’s Goal :

This projects was just a challenge so if you have bad reviews, it’s normal but dont be suprised.
I am sure that I will update and upgrade it, so send your reviews to my discord: Grosse pastèque#6705

This Game engine is simple and original, it runs on a terminal.
But due to terminal low performances, some functionnalities are very hard to make (Gravity, fast movements and good fps).
If you think that this is a stupid idea, no problem go code your own game engine !
And I repeat myself but low perfomances are not due to this module

Usage :

Originally it was supposed to support gravity and fast movements but for now it can’t…
It supports only 2 dimensions in face and top view.

WARNING: This modules uses Advanced Variable Checker (AVC) which requires typing modifications, go into c2dge/modules/avc/ for more informations !

Functionnalities :

Functionnality Usage
Window The core of your game
Map Every game has a map where you can place your objects
BackGround Map background
Event A check that will be verified every loop
Color The color core that does all image converting
PixelCollision Collision with a pixel
Collision Collision with any object that has the tag
Player Player object (only object that can have actions)
Entity Like a player but can’t have actions
Object Same as an entity but can be fixed to not be affected by gravity
Gravity Gravity engine only for face view (Experimental)

There is also some other functions but there are not very important for simple games.

Functionnalities that arrives soon :

Saver to save your game in data format.
Gravity not sure but I will try my best…

Examples :

I have created three examples to help you understand a bit more if you want.
In Here.

Tested on :

System Python
Windows 10 Python 3.9.0

Will be tested on Linux soon

Requirements :

Module name module version
webcolors =< 1.11.1
opencv-python =< 4.5.1
numpy =< 1.20.1

Informations :

The module Advanced Variable Checker (AVC) is not actually disponible beacause it requires a bit more tests and upgrades.

The Challenge :

This challenge consited in creating a game engine in one week and four days of deadlines to finish.
Personnaly I have learn a lot of things and tricks so if you have the experience and the determination you can try, and good luck !


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