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BeautifulDiscord theme manager

Console script for downloading & managing Discord .css themes via BeautifulDiscord.


Simply run

# Linux/MacOS
pip3 install bdtheme
# Windows
pip install bdtheme


You have access to bdtheme command now in your bash/cmd.

  • bdtheme init [path/to/folder] – initialize BeautifulDiscord and set the directory as themes folder. No worries, you probably won’t need the files, so you can omit all the arguments. Requires Discord to be launched
  • bdtheme download – themes browser. Navigate with WASD/arrows, “q” to exit, choose whatever you like and hit enter.
  • bdtheme set [filename] – if no filename specified, opens browser you’re familliar with so you can apply chosen theme. Changes should be visible after no time, otherwise it could happen something’s wrong.
  • bdtheme revert – cleans Discord files up a little, so there’s no more BeautifulDiscord and .css hot-reload.


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