Contrastive Language-Audio Pretraining

In due time this repo will be full of lovely things, I hope.

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$ python install --user

You'll also need to use the latest Optax (>=0.0.7)

$ pip install git+git://


from jax import random, numpy as np
from clap.models import CLAP

key1, key2 = random.split(random.PRNGKey(0), 2)

text = random.randint(key1, (2, 16,), 0, 256)
audio = random.uniform(key1, (2, 1024, 80))

text_config = {
    'kind': 'transformer',
    'depth': 8,
    'dim': 512,
    'heads': 8,
    'vocab': 256,
    'projection_dim': 512,
    'rotary_qk': True,

audio_config = {
    'kind': 'vit', 
    'depth': 8, 
    'dim': 512, 
    'heads': 8, 
    'patch_shape': [4, 80], 
    'projection_dim': 512, 
    'rotary_qk': True,

model = CLAP(
    text_config = text_config,
    audio_config = audio_config,

params = model.init(key2, text, audio)
loss = model.apply(params, text, audio)

# after a lot of training

sim = model.apply(params, text, audio, return_loss = False) # (2, 2)

Use Hydra's config system to swap out dataset and model configurations

python +preprocessing/dataset=commonvoice
python +model/audio=vit +model/text=transformer +optimizer=standard +training=standard


OpenAI blog post "CLIP: Connecting Text and Images"

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Much of the code behind the various transformer configurations has been adapted from Niccolò Zanichelli's repository of Flax vision transformer modules.

Citation block courtesy of MicPie's awesome parallel project "Contrastive Language-Aminoacid Sequence Pretraining".