A Python script that convert any electronic components from LCSC or EasyEDA to a Kicad library


git clone https://github.com/uPesy/easyeda2kicad.py.git
cd easyeda2kicad.py/
pip install requirements.txt

The script uses only one external library pydantic for data validation.


All librairies are saved in easyeda2kicad.py/output_lib :

  • easyeda2kicad.lib for symbol library
  • easyeda2kicad.pretty/ for footprint library

Cli usage :

# For symbol + footprint
python easyeda2kicad.py --symbol --footprint --lcsc_id=C2040
# For symbol only
python easyeda2kicad.py --symbol --lcsc_id=C2040
# For footprint only
python easyeda2kicad.py --footprint --lcsc_id=C2040

Add libraries in Kicad

Before configuring KiCad, run at least once time the script to create lib files

  • In KiCad, Go to Preferences > Configure Paths, and add the environment variables EASYEDA2KICAD : path/to/easyeda2kicad.py/ouput_lib
  • Go to Preferences > Manage Symbol Libraries, and Add the global library easyeda2kicad : ${EASYEDA2KICAD}/easyeda2kicad.lib
  • Go to Preferences > Manage Footprint Libraries, and Add the global library easyeda2kicad : ${EASYEDA2KICAD}/easyeda2kicad.pretty
  • Enjoy ?


It’s still in development : all features are not implemented. I’m not a Python expert and don’t have a lot of free time for coding.
I need your help to improve the code base architecture, adding unit tests and adding in the pip repo
Feel free to contribute on the dev branch ?

Some stuffs to be done:

  • Improve the readme
  • Refactoring the code
  • Add unit testing and code coverage badge
  • Adding in the Python repo to install it with pip
  • Call the script directly from the terminal without using python easyeda2kicad.py


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