Tesla x Beat Saber – Light Show Converter

Convert Beat Saber maps to Tesla light shows!

This project requires FFMPEG and all packages from requirements.txt (Use “pip install -r requirements.txt”)

With the new Tesla software update a new light show feature has been added. This makes it possible to control the car lights timed with music. I however, am way too lazy to create my own light shows, so I coded a program to do it for me. As someone that has played a lot of the popular VR-game Beat Saber, I thought I could use those levels to generate a light show. This program works by taking the data from a Beat Saber level and translating it to the xLights format Tesla uses. The program is in very early stages, but I plan to build more features upon it.


  • Translates note positions and timings to front lights
  • Translates background effects to rear lights
  • Converts ogg file to wav and links it to light show file
  • Optionaly downloads direct links to beat map zip files and extracts them

What it doesn’t do (yet…)

  • It doesn’t output a ready-to-use fseq file. You’ll have to load up the xsq file in xLights and compile it to an fseq file
  • It doesn’t check for any limit violations. This means you’ll most likely have to trim the light show in xLights to stay within limits

Check out the side by side comparison video:

Tesla x Beat Saber - Light show convertion comparison


Run main.py with first argument being either a path to a Beat Saber difficulty file, or a direct download link to a Beat map zip file

See demo video for examples:

Tesla x Beat Saber - Light show convertion demo

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