Mission Planner to Litchi

Convert Mission Planner (ArduCopter) Waypoint Surveys to Litchi CSV Format to execute on DJI Drones

Litchi doesn’t support Survey mode yet, but here is a workaround! You will need Mission Planner installed in order to plan your mission.

Warning: This script was tested successfully 3 times, should work pretty stable. I’m not responsible for any damage of your drones.

Click here to Download for Windows

Mac version not available

Here’s how to use it:
  1. Open Mission Planner
  2. Go to the Plan tab in Mission Planner

  1. Click the Polygon Icon –> Draw a Polygon

  1. Using clicks on the map, select the area you want to map

  1. Right-click inside the polygon, select Auto WP –> Survey (Grid)

  1. Adjust Settings like Altitude and Speed, also enable Advanced Options

  1. In the Camera Config Tab, Set your camera settings, make sure the FOV values are correct after inputing all camera settings. You can save your camera preset by using the Save button. Also make sure the CAM_TRIGG_DIST is selected!

  1. Go back to the Simple Tab, and click Accept

  1. Make sure the layout on the map is correct. Example:

  1. Save this mission as .waypoints file. Recommended save location is Desktop!

  1. Place the mission file and exe file on your Desktop

  1. Open the script and type the name of the mission file (ending with .waypoints) then press Enter

  1. The converted file (.csv) should be saved on your Desktop. Click Enter to exit the script.

  1. Go to Litchi Mission Settings and make sure that the selected in red settings (in the screenshot below) are set to desired values. Path Mode must be set to Straight Lines, otherwise the Auto-Photo mode will not work!

  1. Open Litchi Mission Hub and go to File –> Import

  1. Select file and click Import to new mission

  1. Review mission!

  1. Save Mission!


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