Converts Amiibo .bins to a flipper compatible format

Simply run from the root directory to generate all amiibos within raw_amiibos to nfcs

You can target a specific file by appending a path to the end of the call as such that *path to file*

You can target a directory full of amiibos by passing a path such that *path to directory*

You can also use the amiibos i’ve generated already.

The original code was created in the Flipper Discord by Friendartiste

The code was modified to run itteratively by Lamp

I, VapidAnt, have modified the code to work in a variety of situations with a recursive function and have uploaded to github
I believe this will make it easy to modify the code in the future and track changes over time.

If you have problems, please make an issue or ping me in the flipper discord.

Feel free to itterate off this and make pull requests.

Happy Flipping!


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