Attribute Converter

Simplifies converting attributes created by geometry nodes to built-in attributes like UVs or vertex colors, as a single click operation for all selected objects.

Only compatible with blender versions 3.1.0 and above.

The operation is destructive, as it requires Geometry Node modifier to be applied, so it is ideally used just before exporting. (if you know a way this can be somehow injected into the export pipeline so it runs automatically before export, please tell me!)

Current limitations

  • Only supports uv and vertex color for now
  • Only supports 1 layer of each
  • Undo doesn’t work

If you wish to add any more features, pull requests are welcome.

How to use

When you install the addon, “Utils” panel will appear on the right side of the viewport where all the options are.

The addon lets you select a name for your attributes you wish to convert. For example, the uv attribute has a “uv” name by default. This is what your attribute in “Output Attributes” in GeometryNodes modifier should be called.

When you select the desired objects and click on “Apply and Convert” all modifiers will be applied (including the GeometryModifier) and the corresponding resulting attributes will be converted to built-in attributes. So, note that the operations is destrcutive, and you should save just before using the operator because undo doesn’t work (yet).


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