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Covid19 Dashboard Web App using Python

Covid19 Dashboard Web App using Python


Create your own dashboard web app with free resources using python only All tools stated here are free.


  • Basic python - numpy, pandas, matplotlib, plotly dash
  • Basic knowledge of creating python virtual environment. Recommended using pyenv or Anaconda


Version 1.0 Dashboard (Source Code - covid19.py included)

Comments are included in the source code covid19.py to assist you.
Click here to access the web app


  • Just clone this git, deploy to your own free Heroku server, and you are ready to go. Guide to deployment from Heroku official Guide
  • Ensure all files and folders (except folder image) are deployed to Heroku server.
  • Remember to create your personal mapbox access token. and edit in covid19.py
  • Optional: Create your own Addthis share button.

Version 2.0 Dashboard based on bootstrap 4 (Source Code not included as it is still wip)

Click here to take a look at the web app
Time Map and Bar Chart animation created with Flourish Studio and easily embeded into Plotly Dash with html.Iframe.