CrackMapExec extension module/protocol support


  • cme-rdp(Experimentally)

    Picked function from impacket coding currently). image

  • cme-wmi(Experimentally)

    Forked from Orange-Cyberdefense upstream , use impacket DCOM function instead of RPCRequester. For more details: XiaoliChan’s Forked image

Usage (development version)

  • Sys env: ubuntu 22.04

git clone
cd CrackMapExec
echo "cchardet" >> requirements.txt
change 'impacket==0.9.24' to 'impacket' (latest version)
python3 -m venv cme-env
source cme-env/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
cp cme/ .
python3 (make sure it can execute)

git clone
cp -r CrackMapExec-Extension/cme-* cme/protocols/


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