mapa ?

Create 3d-printable STLs from satellite elevation data


pip install mapa


mapa uses numpy and numba under the hood to crunch large amounts of data in little time.

1. Using the dem2stl cli

The dem2stl cli lets you create a 3d-printable STL file based on your tiff file. You can run a demo computation to get a feeling of how the output STL will look like:

dem2stl demo

If you have your tiff file ready, you may run something like

dem2stl --input your_file.tiff --output output.stl --model-size 200 --z-offset 3.0 --z-scale 1.5

For more details on the different options, check out the docs.

2. Using the mapa interactive map

If you don’t have a tiff file handy, you may simple select your favorite region using the mapa cli. Simply type


A jupyter notebook will be started with an interactive map. Follow the described steps by executing the cells to create a 3d model of whatever place you like.

3. Using mapa as python library

In case you are building your own application you can simply use mapa’s functionality as a within your application by importing the modules functions.

from mapa import convert_tif_to_stl

path_to_stl = convert_tif_to_stl(...)

Refer to the docs for more details.




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